Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Helpers Carnival at Sarah's House

As a volunteer organization, Happy Helpers for the Homeless has served Maryland communities since 1993 organizing special events and distributing meals and educational resources to homeless women and children. I haven't been to a children's birthday in a while but I imagine it resembles today's back yard carnival at Sarah's House, a homeless shelter in Fort Meade. Note to self: children like treats. America's Miss Maryland, Caroline Kuhlman brought a crown case full of blow pops. She was an instant sensation, until Miss Bobby dished individual ice cream cups that is!

Although I was initially designated to hand out favors, I got roped into a t-shirt making session, welcomed a guest appearance by Sponge Bob Square Pants himself, was the subject for some serious face art (or in my case body art-- please note my sweet half sleeve flower in the photos below) and stained glass painting. One of the girls, Rebecca sent me home with my own souvenier-- a rainbow colored dolphin for my window, adorable.

A high energy and fulfilling time-- and for anyone available to volunteer this Sunday, join Happy Helpers at the Special Olympics!

Photos below are of adorable Paige who couldn't attend the carnival, Caroline and Rebecca, the kids and Sponge Bob and Caroline and me.

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  1. These pictures are so cute! I love the Sponge Bob.