Monday, June 22, 2009

Photos from Baysox v. Reading by Bo Zhang

Miss Maryland + Bo Zhang productions, take two. I just love his work! ENJOY.

Photos are of me at the stadium before game time, signing autographs with "Louie" in the background, my killer fast ball, me for the Maryland Lottery and chatting with my new bff Alyssa!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baltimore Farmer's Market

It's the little things that make summers in Baltimore well, summers in Baltimore-- cool, eclectic and just downright entertaining. Lone guitarists making money for their cross country trips, Migue's famed mini donuts (plus cinnamon, and powdered sugar, oh and don't forget the chocolate sauce) for breakfast and a partner in culinary crime (Hey Stephanie!) to help me navigate through one of my now favorite ways to spend a Sunday-- the Farmer's Market.

Ran into Children's Guild teacher Brian who recognized me sans sash and crown. He biked all the way downtown from Perry Hall-- that's 30 miles back and forth! Wow.

So anyway, I saw Giada DiLaurentiis make goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms a couple weeks ago on the FoodNetwork. She's basically my food idol, well her and Rachel Ray. Edible flowers aren't standard fare at my local Giant so I knew this would be a perfect place to track them down. A half an hour I had my small carton of green squash blossoms in one hand (hello Monday dinner) and a piping hot vegatarin samosa in the other.

Heaven oh heaven.

Til next Sunday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bowie Baysox vs. Reading Phillies

If last week's model call for Maryland Fashion Week wasn't 2 miles away from Prince George's Stadium I might never have known where Baysox stadium was! The largest AA stadium in the U.S. seemed intimate enough to chat with your row mates or even approach the home team in their dug out. (Thanks for the autographs guys!).

Thanks to Lauren and her staff for entrusting me with the first pitch of the night. SUCCESS-- not quite ready for the big leagues but I definitely made it over the plate. I think it was just the goodluck they needed to score a 0-2 win over the Phillies that night!

I also participated in the in-field recognition of a group of middle schoolers who vowed to say no to drugs as part of the stadiums "Keep a Clear Mind" campaign and hung out with an energetic little league team "the Nationals" from Pasadena. All in all a great time in Bowie!

Photos from Bo Zhang to come.

Children's Guild Annual Report

When you think Annual Report you think numbers, auditors, blah blah blah. But not at the Children's Guild! This year's theme-- the circus. Less the grand buffet style dinner you'd think you'd stepped into an Off Broadway theatre house or Barnum and Bailey stage... complete with tight rope walkers, a bearded lady, a man on stilts, you just had to be there! The auditorium had been completely transformed.

The self-proclaimed "Greatest Show on Earth," was just that-- fun-filled, inspiring and a chance to spot light the successes of today's youth as well as those who are courageously shaping their minds. I first met Dr. Ross, President, Director and Monday night's Master of Ceremonies when I attended the premier of my first Public Service Announcement the evening after I won my title. Little did we know that it would be the start of a great friendship and year long collaboration.

It is no wonder the students who enter the doors of the Guild are changed by the education and attention they receive-- I know I was just having spent a few hours there. I broke into a tiny tear fest when one of the students Chardonnay Cary sang her version of "At Last," accompanied by one of the Guild's music teachers, former accompaniest to the famed Billie Holiday. Chardonnay will be back to attending regular public school for her senior year next year. Congratulations! For more information on the Guild, please visit their website-- And please let me know if you are interested in attending another benefit in September to support them.

Thank you to both Susannah Dowell and Tya Anthony who took photographs of the event-- their photos to come.

As for my own snaps-- here are a few... one of the first song numbers, Dr. Ross and Chardonnay.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends of Villa Maria Golf Classic

The first event of a double appearance day this past Monday was attending the Friends of Villa Maria Golf Classic at the Towson Golf and Country Club. At this rate, I should really make an effort to learn to play golf this year!

One of the first questions I heard from one of the teams of sponsors was "What is Miss Maryland doing here!" And not that they weren't excited, but it's easy to miss the connection if you don't know me personally. As someone who attended Catholic school from K-12 and is currently attending a Jesuit university for my MBA, service has consistently been a foundation of my education. Not only that, I remember volunteering at Stella Maris and Villa Maria as a high school student at Mercy. So there I was-- happy to again be partnering with the Catholic Charities of Maryland for this event and for other opportunities throughout the year.

Villa Maria focuses on providing health and education services to children and families with special needs. It being the 24th annual event is really testament to the faith and continued committment of the organization to serve this segment of our community. For more information, please visit their website--

For what was expected to be a fairly rainy day, the weather held off and we were blessed with a sunny afternoon!

The photos below are of me and a great team of volunteers and me in the middle of the caravan of golf carts!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

NFRC 5K for Families

One of my faaavorite 'pageant' questions is what are three words that best describe you-- for me, resilient comes to mind. And I think it's only fitting that one of the first organizations I contacted to help was the National Family Resiliency Center. What they have done in terms of education and family wellness is extraordinary. And to help support their work, I was joined by over 100 partipants in their annual 5K for Families and 1mile fun walk early Saturday morning.

Introduced as a 'celebrity' by Executive Director, Risa was a bit of an overstatement but I'll take it! I shared a few words about my own journey-- I have just been so priveledged to speak on behalf of great causes within the community in the past month of my reign.

Photos of the beautiful morning in Ellicott City at the Meadowbrook Park are by a great sponsor and photographer, April Sims. Please visit the event page at:

McDonald's LPGA Championship

Nevermind the mid-day rain, it was a great day for golf! Watching from the love seat in my living room is absolutely nothing in comparison to watching the sport live. From young golfers and their parents (STAY IN SCHOOL!) to veteran fans of the LPGA, thank you to the great crowd who showed me the ropes at my first professional golf tournament. And greetings to Sally, Jackie, Jim for making it all happen and welcoming me to the city of Havre de Grace. Congratulations to Anna Nordqvist who won this week's tournament!

And I think Bo and I are officially even in terms of bad weather photo shoots-- thanks for making the trip to lovely Bulle Rock!

Not to mention, I think I am on a streak of celebrity sightings at my appearances; the highlight of my afternoon-- meeting the number one ranked women's golfer in the world, Lorena Ochoa. And I definitely tip toed my way onto the set of the Golf Channel's set. :)

Photos below are of me on set with the Golf Channel crew and Lorena. For more photos of the event, please visit Bo's great site:

Playing Catch-up

What a busy weekend! All day appearance at the McDonald's LPGA Championship at Bulle Rock, a bright and early morning at the NFRC 5K for Families and winding down the weekend with a meet and greet at the model call for Maryland Fashion Week with my Miss Junior Teen Maryland US Tiara Smith!

Post and pictures coming soon!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caring Communities, Continued...

I was so happy to witness the planning process for one of the most memorable occassions in a couples' life! I don't remember ever being at the Pier 5 hotel but I imagine it to be a great venue for a wedding-- intimate, modern and steps away from the Baltimore waterfront.

And aside from catching up with soon-to-be brides and friends Kayra and Candace (so great to see both of you!) the best part of the experience at today's Brides and Grooms Expo was that the proceeds benefit Caring Communities. Directors of the organization, Mona and Jay Freedman exuded both an entrepreneurial and warm spirit that made for a lovely event. Thank you to the Milestone Media staff for all of their efforts.

Photos below are of me and the MM staff, Mona as well as my sweet souvenier, a chocolate pop with my edible photo courtesy of

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Caring Communities

I will be attending the Charm City Brides and Grooms Expo tomorrow at the Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore to support Caring Communities. This non-profit provides support, education and other resources to enhance the quality of life of families who have children with disabilities.

For more information about the organization and how you can help, please visit their homepage--

Thank you to Jay and his staff and Brides and Grooms for the great press release and statement on the event homepage--

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Helpers Carnival at Sarah's House

As a volunteer organization, Happy Helpers for the Homeless has served Maryland communities since 1993 organizing special events and distributing meals and educational resources to homeless women and children. I haven't been to a children's birthday in a while but I imagine it resembles today's back yard carnival at Sarah's House, a homeless shelter in Fort Meade. Note to self: children like treats. America's Miss Maryland, Caroline Kuhlman brought a crown case full of blow pops. She was an instant sensation, until Miss Bobby dished individual ice cream cups that is!

Although I was initially designated to hand out favors, I got roped into a t-shirt making session, welcomed a guest appearance by Sponge Bob Square Pants himself, was the subject for some serious face art (or in my case body art-- please note my sweet half sleeve flower in the photos below) and stained glass painting. One of the girls, Rebecca sent me home with my own souvenier-- a rainbow colored dolphin for my window, adorable.

A high energy and fulfilling time-- and for anyone available to volunteer this Sunday, join Happy Helpers at the Special Olympics!

Photos below are of adorable Paige who couldn't attend the carnival, Caroline and Rebecca, the kids and Sponge Bob and Caroline and me.