Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends of Villa Maria Golf Classic

The first event of a double appearance day this past Monday was attending the Friends of Villa Maria Golf Classic at the Towson Golf and Country Club. At this rate, I should really make an effort to learn to play golf this year!

One of the first questions I heard from one of the teams of sponsors was "What is Miss Maryland doing here!" And not that they weren't excited, but it's easy to miss the connection if you don't know me personally. As someone who attended Catholic school from K-12 and is currently attending a Jesuit university for my MBA, service has consistently been a foundation of my education. Not only that, I remember volunteering at Stella Maris and Villa Maria as a high school student at Mercy. So there I was-- happy to again be partnering with the Catholic Charities of Maryland for this event and for other opportunities throughout the year.

Villa Maria focuses on providing health and education services to children and families with special needs. It being the 24th annual event is really testament to the faith and continued committment of the organization to serve this segment of our community. For more information, please visit their website--

For what was expected to be a fairly rainy day, the weather held off and we were blessed with a sunny afternoon!

The photos below are of me and a great team of volunteers and me in the middle of the caravan of golf carts!

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