Monday, May 31, 2010

Miss Teen Philippines 2010

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I'll be spending most of the day recuperating from what was a beautiful evening in Crystal City for the 25th Anniversary of the Ilocano Society of America. Embedded in the celebration was the Miss Teen Philippines 2010 Pageant aka where my pageant career started, almost an entired decade ago! Wow!

And so begins the part of my life I"ll refer to as "Pageant Retirement." I still anticipate on speaking on behalf of "No Body's Perfect," but instead of entering competitions myself, I've got a few pageants on my calendar to judge! Looking forward to WATCHING Miss DC America, Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen (and watch my sister queen Emily Pettine rock the stage in her MAO debut!) as well. It's going to be a great summer.

Thanks to my sister queen Radiah for filling in for the interview portion of this week's pageant and being my off stage entertainment during last night's show. Hello to my fellow judge and 2001 Miss Teen Philippines Christelle Chen :)

I could describe the night but you just had to be there! Enjoy the photos below of my table (including the President of ISA and other dignitaries), Raf aka the Emcee aka the Speaks frontman, and of course the newly crowned Miss Teen Philippines 2010: