Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday thank you!

Thank you for the birthday messages everyone, I am so lucky to be surrounded by such caring friends and family!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Must read for pageant girls!!

Hey pageant girls: please write a response to this author, as well as her editors: and kmrogers@utep. edu

Talk about ANTIQUATED-- Anoushka Valodya's article "Women Still Being Objectified (with their compliance)" and her ideas about pageantry are just that.

I can comment for PAGES about this article but what it boils down to is...why do beauty and brains have to be mututally exlusive?? Clearly this is not a concept Valodya can get her head around.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rosario in the news

Rosario Dawson has been everywhere this week!

The actress shared her thoughts on the expectations about women and their bodies with After losing weight for a role in "Rent" 6 years ago, she got endless compliments and people inquiring as to how she got so thin-- Dawson recalled looking emaciated.

And on the cover of my newest issue of Shape magazine, there she was again. In a candid interview she talked about sleepless nights and the passing of her grandmother. "Whether you're getting a divorce, or you lose a job, or your child gets sick, change is going to happen... It's how you process it that makes all the difference. With the right tools you can really feel like you're turning a page and starting a new chapter."

I get it...

School, work have always been the most rewarding (but stressful) parts of my life-- I am blessed to have a great support system that continues to help me move forward.

Rosario goes on to say that the smartest advice she ever got was "to savor the feast of life." I never would have imagined what my life would look like today, but if I spent all of this time in front of a mirror or on a scale, the less time I would have had to really enjoy my life. Boy was I missing out all of those years!

Kudos to RD for finding positive outlets to heal her heart and using her celebrity to speak out about unrealistic portrayals of women in the media.