Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caring Communities, Continued...

I was so happy to witness the planning process for one of the most memorable occassions in a couples' life! I don't remember ever being at the Pier 5 hotel but I imagine it to be a great venue for a wedding-- intimate, modern and steps away from the Baltimore waterfront.

And aside from catching up with soon-to-be brides and friends Kayra and Candace (so great to see both of you!) the best part of the experience at today's Brides and Grooms Expo was that the proceeds benefit Caring Communities. Directors of the organization, Mona and Jay Freedman exuded both an entrepreneurial and warm spirit that made for a lovely event. Thank you to the Milestone Media staff for all of their efforts.

Photos below are of me and the MM staff, Mona as well as my sweet souvenier, a chocolate pop with my edible photo courtesy of

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