Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baltimore Farmer's Market

It's the little things that make summers in Baltimore well, summers in Baltimore-- cool, eclectic and just downright entertaining. Lone guitarists making money for their cross country trips, Migue's famed mini donuts (plus cinnamon, and powdered sugar, oh and don't forget the chocolate sauce) for breakfast and a partner in culinary crime (Hey Stephanie!) to help me navigate through one of my now favorite ways to spend a Sunday-- the Farmer's Market.

Ran into Children's Guild teacher Brian who recognized me sans sash and crown. He biked all the way downtown from Perry Hall-- that's 30 miles back and forth! Wow.

So anyway, I saw Giada DiLaurentiis make goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms a couple weeks ago on the FoodNetwork. She's basically my food idol, well her and Rachel Ray. Edible flowers aren't standard fare at my local Giant so I knew this would be a perfect place to track them down. A half an hour I had my small carton of green squash blossoms in one hand (hello Monday dinner) and a piping hot vegatarin samosa in the other.

Heaven oh heaven.

Til next Sunday!

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