Sunday, May 31, 2009

Funkshon Designer Showcase

One of my favorite restaurants and lounges, Red Maple in Mount Vernon served as a vibrant backdrop to Funkshon. The narrow space and up against the wall seating formed a natural stage for a runway show. The fashion soiree and designer showcase featured pieces from the semi-finalists to the Sew Me What You Got competition sponsored by Ikea and Fashion Icons. And lucky me scored a front row seat.

The unique designs resembled nothing like the immediately recognizable home furnishings sold by the Scandinavian furniture and accessories giant. I was partial to the styles that were more feminine-- hot pink piping brought a light grey and white floral print to life while a black and white asymmetrical dress was softened by a wave of petals that formed its skirt. Designers, whoever you are, call me!

Big fan of Magnami Style & Co that also introduced a new collection-- a prelude to the fall season, Paco paired copper tones with shades of turquoise. A man after my own heart, his high-waisted, plumeting necklines and loose skirts are easy yet sophisticated.

Photos below are of me and Managing Editor of Iconography Magazine Ty, MUA extraordinaire Bethany, my fave pieces and 92Q's Konan.

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