Thursday, May 7, 2009

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, Continued

While I wasn't technically making an 'appearance' and was attending the last night's event at the Children's Guild to support the premiere of the public service announcement I was in, I couldn't help but be inspired by the work these organizations have done to promote awareness of children's mental health--something that impacts 20% of our youth. Thank you to Dr. Ross, President and CEO of the Guild and Chris DeVore of the Maryland Coalition (aka my biggest Miss Maryland U.S. supporter!)-- I look forward to collaborating with you both throughout the year.

And Mrs. Phelps! My knowledge of who she was was limited to what I saw on NBC during the Beijing games-- proud mother of an Olympic superstar. To see her in another light, as an educator (she is a principal at a Maryland school) and advocate is testament to the many hats all mothers wear. It is in fact the hardest job out there. I'm sure Michael is getting her an awesome Mother's Day present! [PLUG: You can also meet Mrs. Phelps on Saturday at her book signing at Barnes&Noble in Ellicott City. The address is 4300 Montgomery Road and runs from 2-3:30 that afternoon.] Mrs. O'Malley is scheduled to appear at a separate event but she sent me a citation from the Governor in her place-- going up in my office!

Photos below are of me and Mrs. Phelps, the directors at Producers Video, one of my adorable co-stars Kyle, and Chris...

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