Monday, May 4, 2009

Today is where my book begins

WOW, there's no better cure for the rainy weekend blues than becoming Miss Maryland United States! And it is with great humility and anticipation that I begin my reign. For sponsorship information, please leave a message or email me directly.

Someone once said that, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I recited this to myself for years—believing that perseverance and surrounding myself with people that supported my endeavors would be the key to achieving my goals. After two prior attempts at a ‘Miss Maryland’ title, I can finally use the crown as a platform for supporting causes that mean the most to me—education and women's health.

Since 2006, I've visited 8th and 9th grade students around the state and shared the importance of success in the classroom as a spokesperson for Maryland Business Roundtable for Education and their Achievement Counts Program. Desiring to contribute more to the organization, I became a member of the Advisory Board in 2008. I also believe that body image remains one of the most challenging issues facing young women today. I look forward to sharing my personal story as well as serving as a mentor to those that have been affected by eating disorders.

Born and raised in Baltimore, I am proud to represent my home state! There's just nothing like a bushel of blue crabs, Old Bay and the O's! I blog often, run daily and am a huge book worm. The last three books I read-- Thomas Friedman's "Hot Flat and Crowded," Jason Reynold and Jason Griffin's "My Name is Jason, Mine Too," and "I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti" by Giulia Melucci. Oh, and I secretly aspire to be the next Rachael Ray!

Team Ortiz-- Mom, Dad, Paul and Farrah, I couldn’t have done this without you. Friends, my pageant family and sponsors, thank you thank you for rooting for me! Gigi, you’ve opened doors I never knew existed. My director, Chris—cheers to a great year to come; get ready to go all the way! And to everyone I will meet on this journey, I hope you are inspired.

Watch me July 17th at the Miss United States Pageant from the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!

All my best,
Nicole, Miss Maryland United States 2009

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  1. Nicole~

    I am VERY proud of you and equally proud that you are representing the State of Maryland.