Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Extreme Makeover: No Body's Perfect FOOD Edition

At No Body's Perfect I am always tweeking and adjusting my workshops and presentations to the needs, interests, and age of my audience. My take on "Eat This, Not That" has been a wonderful success-- the presentation puts fast food menu options head to head in a nutrition battle. I would love to try to build healthy makeover recipes for budding chefs for all of our favorite but bad for you meals into my next string of workshops. Here was my inspiration:

Paula Deen a beloved Food Network personality is working on the launch of a new television show. In an interview at the View this past week, Barbara Walters expressed great criticism over her recipes and Paula's contribution to the growing waistlines of today's youth. While she is not a personality I follow because I rarely make southern comfort food, it got me thinking... there should always be a way to enjoy our favorite foods in a healthy way.

So here's where YOU come in-- please leave a comment here, Twitter or Facebook message or email me at missmdus09@aol.com with a recipe/food/treat you'd like me to tackle! In return I'll come up with a yummy alternative and post here!

Thanks in advance for your help in this project!


  1. I don't even know how to cook, girlie--let alone think of a recipe... Hmmm... I could give you a southern banana pudding recipe! :D