Sunday, November 29, 2009

Katipunan 40th Anniversary Ball

Sampagita (our national flower) Ball-- a perfect way to usher in another 40 years of linking our culture and a new found one in America. What started as 20 Filipinos huddled in a small room at the Fil-Am building on Broadway Street has flourished into the largest organization of its kind in the state.

I have my recent press to thank for the invitation to the celebration as it uncovered an accomplishment for which the Filipino community is very proud. I've said so many times in my interviews that my title has been a remarkable platform for not only sharing my personal experiences but showcasing my heritage as well. I thank you for recognizing my promise and leadership by naming me as the recipient of the 2009 Trailblazer of the Year Award. I was geniunely shocked at the honor but welcome it as further motivation to continue on this path. Watch out for my upcoming feature in the Pinoy Herald!

Thank you to Tita Kenny and her husband (go Greyhounds!), President Belle Owens and his Excellency, Ambassador Willy Gaa for a great evening! I just hope I get an invitation to next year despite some mis steps on the dancefloor-- I have never todo-todo'd in my life so if anyone can offer lesson on Filipino dance I'd appreciate the help! :)

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