Friday, October 16, 2009

University of Maryland Homecoming Alumni Luncheon

Today may have been the coldest/rainiest day of the season yet Riggs IV at the University of Maryland was filled with warmth and exhileration for the Inaugural All Class Reunion Luncheon. Cheers to the Alumni Association particularly, Dr. Rotter, President of the Alumni Association and Event Coordinator Virginia for hosting a high spirited afternoon and extending a kind invitation to me.

My front row tablemates included some of the most senior alums around, from the class of '43-'47. Seated next to me was a great friend of Adele Stamp. Yea, ADELE STAMP as in the STAMP STUDENT UNION Adele. And as hard as I tried to listen to their story of friendship, I couldn't help but think of my own college friends, namely FCA-ers and the countless lunch hours I spent there, in my glasses, stretch jeans and nike dunks. Thoooose were the days.

Anywhoo! I also had the surprising pleasure of meeting nutrition and health expert and class of '86, Joy Bauer. And if you tune into the TODAY show, Joy is no stranger to you-- I'm a huge fan of her segment and a now even bigger fan of her latest book, Joy's LIFE Diet, where life stands for Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary. Thank you so much for my signed copy! xoxo

The attendees and people in general will never cease to be surprised that I was an accountant in a prior life. Resist the urge to think that someone who competes in pageants and someone who has graduated from a top business program have nothing in common! Most 'pageant girls' will agree they have never seen more fire and ambition than behind the scenes at a competition.

I attribute my drive, can do attitude and charisma to Maryland, particularly the Smith School of Business that equipped me with a skill set that has contributed to my overall successes in life.
Thank you College Park for that, and again thank you to all the alums I met today, who are in their own way, also contributing to the legacy and brand equity associated with being a Terrapin. Go TERPS, Beat Virginia!

Photos below are of Dr. Rotter and Joy as well as me and Testudo outside Riggs.

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