Thursday, October 8, 2009

Read for the Record

Emily and I took part in the USO's Read for the Record. We spent the day at Indian Head Elementary School today in Charles County. In speaking with Principal Milton and welcoming staff in the library, I knew we were in for a treat-- the school was just notified of an award (I believe they have been recognized for four consecutive years at this point) that ackowledged the kind and well-behaved students attending the School.

As I mentioned in prior entries, we read The Very Hungry Caterpiller to 400+ students over three sessions. This book must have been written before my time because everyone seemed to have already read the book except me. So at the end (SPOILER ALERT), when the caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly, I was totally surprised! I think I was so intent on making it an enjoyable read for the kids and being extra animated that the story hadn't really sunk it until it was over!

We even stayed for lunch-- chicken nugget day, my favorite!

Thanks in advance to the reporter at Southern Maryland for your article, Lindsay at the USO for attending the event, Emily for making the drive and of course everyone at Indian Head Elementary for making it one for the 'record' books!

Below are photos of Principal Milton, me and the students and Emily.

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