Saturday, February 20, 2010

GSCM Around the World on Thinking Day 2010

This year's GSCM Around the World on Thinking Day was held at the Seton Keough High School in Baltimore. Headed down Caton Avenue I recall the first and only other time I had been there, the fall of 8th grade (seems like a million years ago!) before I decided to attend Mercy High School in Towson.

Throughout the morning, the gymnasium quickly turned into an international fair-- World Thinking Day was created in 1926 at the Fourth International Conference. The delegates to the conference decided there should be a special day when Girl Scouts all over the world think of each other and give thanks and appreciation to their "sister" Scouts.

I had the fun task of being the Mistress of Ceremonies for the day's events-- cultural dance performances in the theatre, Daisy pin ceremony (an official induction into the organization), SWAP ceremony (during which the girls traded hand made pins with other troops as a momento of the celebration and friendship), presentations by the Peace Corps and more.

A special hello to Mercy High School representatives who sponsored a booth at the event-- see you at the Gala next month :)

Photos below are of a group of Daisies after their pin ceremony, the Philippines and Germany troop booths.

Phew! What a fun day!

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