Saturday, February 6, 2010

National Eating Disorders Awareness Month

For various reasons (ahem, the flu. and they are typically outdated by upwards of 2 years), I rarely pick up the magazine available at the gym. But today I couldn't help but peek into the newest issue of Glamour, in all its glossy, untattered glory with Victoria Beckam on the cover.

February is National Eating Disorder Awareness month. Often criticized for her size (not suggesting she suffers from the diseases herself), I would have appreciated someone with a more relatable frame. That being said, the magazine DOES offer a great feature on related topics, namely "What eating disorders do to your body."

A few of the consequences highlighted include:

Infertility Not having enough body fat can halt ovulation. In your teens this may be the least of your problems-- no fat, no baby, no problem! The good news is that for women in recovery and those that have gotten healthy, fertility returns without any lingering problems.

Heart Problems With heart health also in mind this month, anorexia can lead to cardiac arrest. Fortunately again, any damage is reversible once a health weight is reached and maintained.

Tooth Loss More related to those suffering from bulimia, stomach acid erods tooth enamel, causing cavities and tooth lost. I can absolutely empathize with this point-- dentures in your thirties is not a road you want to go down!

For more consequences, pick up the issue at your newstand, refer to!

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