Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miss United States 2009 Pageant RECAP

I can't possibly do my time in Vegas justice, which might be why it's taken me a week to get this post up. What I should have done was taken notes along the way, write little reflections-- would have been a great way to fill the hours I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get to sleep. I'd say it took me the entire week to adjust to the 3 hour time difference.

DAY ONE: I shouldn't actually count the day of travel but it was so terrible I couldn't not share the details. Surprise! Tiara (Miss Jr Teen Maryland US) and Mrs. Smith were on my flight. They did the smart thing and checked in everything. By the time I had boarded the flight, my arm was so weakened by the weight of the gowns I had carried on I figured I'd pass out on the plane. On any other day that may have been true, but today just happened to be the most turbulent ride I'd ever taken. Within 30 minutes I had my handy white paper baggy in hand and made a b-line to the lavatory. Too much information, I know.

DAY TWO: "Be You," was exactly what I needed to hear when I arrived. It was a message that was relayed by all the 2008 queens at orientation. After months of preparation, what more could I do but be myself, try my best.

DAYS THREE to FIVE: And for the rest of the year, Ricky Martin's Cup of Life will never sound the same. Hours upon hours of dance and stage practice can pretty much ruin a song, any song. Ole ole ole!

Other than Ball Gowns and Bowling Shoes, the Fashion show and impromptu runs to the mall with Joy, the rest of the week was much of the same: gym, coffee, rehearsals, lunch, more rehearsals, and sleep. Repeat. Special thanks to my NPD classmate Alissa and her company KMS California for their glorious hair refresher spray that kept my locks in order during the hustle and bustle of the week!

DAY SIX: After morning interviews and Semis I felt great and so did the entire Maryland delegation!

DAY SEVEN: Em, Tiara and Radiah (yes, I owe you $300 haha)-- I do not know what I would have done without you. There's a bit of sacredness when it comes to the sisterhood we've grown to have and I am so proud of each of you. Thank you for raising me up when my spirits were low.

I was bummed. On the other hand, there was comfort in the idea that win or lose, I pursued a dream I thought might never have happened in the first place-- I would still be Miss Maryland United States and well, that's a huge honor in and of itself. Congrats to AZ, GA, KY, NC, SC and WV for making Top 6!

Celebratory sushi dinner at Koji-- a perfect way to wrap up a rollercoaster of a week!

To the USO class of 2009, thank you for giving me more things to aspire to-- we have all been blessed with a unique opportunity to serve our states, keep in touch. XOXO

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