Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meeting with GSCM

Growing up, I never even considered being a girl scout. My sister and brother went off to camp every summer, and I foregoed kayaking and getting my boating license for learning about the stock market and other related topics from my dad. True story-- my dad traded often I remember. Since he worked the night shift at Hopkins, he 'hired' me to take notes about how his stocks were faring throughout the day. And so began my interest in business.

I digress.

Back to the girl scouts, because it's not just about tagalongs and thin mints any more. These are young girls actively involved in their community, gaining confidence and taking part in activities that are sure to create lifelong friendship and memories-- sounds similar to pageantry don't you think? I didn't doubt then, that the they would warmly receive the message I had to share about my platform, No Body's Perfect. This week, I met with the Directors of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland at their headquarters in Baltimore to plan the presentations I would be making at PAVE Camp.

PAVE (Project Anti Violence Education) is a peer led camp that brings to light some of the most challenging issues that young people face today-- this years topics include healthy eating (by yours truly), gangs and substance abuse. A "Don't be mean, Go Green," theme is surely in line with the nation's increasing focus on the Earth and our impact on it. Even one of the final questions at Miss United States was geared toward that contestants role, if any, in being more environmentally responsible.

These two presentations and a final appearance at their carnival is just the beginning of an exciting relationship! For more information visit their community outreach site:

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