Sunday, July 5, 2009

Like clockwork

Call it nerves, call it whatever you like, but INEVITABLY, the week before I compete... I get sick. And this weekend, exactly one week before I leave for Las Vegas for Miss United States... you got it-- sore throat and headcold that just won't quit.

If anything, it's been a much needed opportunity, to sit back, relax and regain my focus. I don't ever remember having a moment to look back on that weekend in May when I won. I actually won Miss Maryland US! But here was no turning away from finals, appearances, summer school, interviews, a new internship and a bit of travel-- and from the looks of things, my schedule is not slowing down any time soon. Now two months later, I have to ask myself, where did the time go!?

A few days ago I ran into the grocery store with my dad. We ran into a Filipino couple who had stopped us in the produce section to chat. The Filipino community in Baltimore is preeeeeeeetty small so when you don't know someone, well, ya get to know them! And mid conversation my dad enthusiasitcally inserts a "well I'm Arce, and if you want to meet Miss Maryland, here she is!" Ordinarily I'd be fine with such an introduction, but it was raining that day, hence the sweat pants and I had just gotten back from the gym when my dad picked me up, hence the everything else that was wrong with that scenario. In short, I was in no position to be meeting and greeting people!

Search for a camera, camera phone, video camera, etc ensues. No luck. But I do promise to send them an autograph card.

The point is, it's exciting! I've been given a unique priveledge of representing a state that has provided me with so much-- my education, an appreciation for diversity, friends and family etc. To everyone who I have met on this journey and those that have stood by me long before it began, thank you-- I hope you have enjoyed this ride as much as I have!

Operation Get Well starts today-- now accepting apple juice, throat losenges, tea and vegetable soup!

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