Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eating disorders and the Exec Woman

I often visit Forbes Woman online for career advice, womens issues around the world and this week I was surprised to see an article by Meghan Casserly about eating disorders in professional women. As she says "for a growing number of professional women, food issues take center stage mid life."

For me it has been a life long battle and eating disorders in general have been long associated with teenage girls and tweens. In recent years, treatment centers are seeing increases in the number of women seeking treatment in their 30s to 60s.

Forbes talks about Alison, a middle aged professional woman and self proclaimed perfectionist who has struggled with the condition. She made a decision after completing treatment three years ago to leave her planned career path for a slow paced non profit. I can empathize-- my career was a major catalyst for the disease to take control of my life. In the young girls that I've talked to in recent months divorce, leaving for college, broken relationships and other high pressure situations have served as triggers for disordered eating.

"...asking for help was the most difficult thing [she] had ever done. “Especially in the finance world, in an office full of Type-A men, I never wanted to come across as weak,” Alison says. Rehabilitation experts concede that for older patients, admitting defeat and asking for help can be a major roadblock—but it can ultimately be their saving grace."

Asking for help at any age is difficult but I know my weekly appointments keep me on track and strong both physically and emotionally. It feels good to be in control.

Thanks Meghan for the great article!

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