Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last week's article in the Catholic Review has generated so much buzz around town I can hardly believe it!

When my reign ended I was fearful that few would want to hear from a "has been"-- a term widely used in pageantry to refer to former titleholders. If I wasn't wearing a banner or crown, would they listen?

The answer is yes.

I was invited to be the keynote speaker at a number of events around the state and am just delighted at the opportunity to reach so many youth in the coming months.

When I started No Body's Perfect in 2009, it was not my goal to eradicate the prevelance of eating disorders, but simply to increase awareness, host forums about the matter and invite those who were directly or even indirectly impacted to the discussion. Mission accomplished.

But it's important to share that my abttle is not entirely won yet. There is a choice to be made every day to be healthy; small victories are had at each meal. And because of that, the topics I share now are broader than just eating disorders and include such things as body image and decision making.

I've missed speaking and very much look forward to these events! Thank you for the well wishes and continued support.

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