Friday, August 7, 2009

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland P.A.V.E. Camp, continued

For me, today was about personal growth. A few highlights and things I learned from the campers, counselors and myself...
  • As a follow up to my presentations yesterday, I was approached by a few girls who attended the nutrition workshops who said, "you've inspired me to eat healthier." It felt great to know that my message was not only valid but was delivered in a manner that reached them. That alone could have been the end of my day but there was much more to go!
  • I realized that I cannot out-hoola-hoop a pre teen or teen, and I'm ok with that!
  • On a similar note, no one believes I am in fact 26 years old. Remember to keep identification handy for proof purposes.

  • So many of the older campers said they looked forward to turning 14 when they could become counselors and give back to the program they benefited from. Volunteering truly is one of those gifts that continues to inspire!

  • I was asked by several of the campers whether or not I would attend next year's camp. When I responded by saying I would come just as "Miss Nicole" and not "Miss Maryland," they were just as thrilled. Although the title is what essentially got me in the door with the Girl Scouts this first time around, a genuine enthusiasm and desire to open yourself up to new challenges is a much bigger prerequisite to being a part of their world.

  • There is great confidence and courage to be gained from overcoming fears-- I climbed to the top of a rockwall today. I know Jacob recorded it on his i-phone...I am anxiously Google-ing myself and waiting for a youtube video to come up in the search results!

Photos below are of me with the Howard County Fire Department, at the top of the rock wall and two of my fave counselors (aka Bright Nite).

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