Monday, August 24, 2009

Cal Ripken World Series

Not my best first pitch to date but a beautiful day in Aberdeen and a fun-filled appearance nonetheless! Thank you to the Ripken Organization for the great accomodations at the stadium-- my mom, in her first time coming to one of my appearances, Dan and I were treated to front row seats and a delicious VIP reception. And congratualtions to the final teams-- Southeast (US Champions) and Mexico (International Champions) for their hardwork and an afternoon of nail biting little league excitement.

The rain storms held out juuuust in time for the Southeast to win it all, 6-7 despite a 3-run come back from Mexico in the bottom of the 6th and 7th innings.

The past two weeks of competition and comraderie are a huge testament to the collaboration between the stadium and the community-- while it has certainly boosted the local economy, housing all the players was truly a labor of love from the host families. It is not every day you have the opportunity to share your home and embrace another child's culture.

Hello to new friends Jared Cotter, from Season 6's American Idol and the Fuze Network who sang the national anthem, and Eric "We Must Protect This House" Ogbogu, official spokesperson for Under Armour and Colin Clark, Brand Manager at Under Armour.

Photos below are of me and Eric, Jared and the winning team!

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