Thursday, August 25, 2011

Royal Thin-spiration

Last March I brought up the topic of pro-ana sites.

I was accused of having information that was out of date but I stand by what I have come to understand about these communities. A spokesman for UK eating disorders organization Beat concurs. "They frequently encourage people to believe that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice and not the serious mental illness that they truly are.”

Now the websites are making waves as Kate Middleton has emerged as an unlikely “role model” on the websites… “thin-spiration.” And the press isn’t helping—their angle on the Duchess has quickly gone from fairly tale to weight loss.

They’re eeeeverywhere—split screen photos of Kate in college (at a size 8) and at her wedding to now (at a size 2). Ok, as a friend to a few newlyweds, I’ve seen the diet and workout routines ‘regular’ brides endure to get in the best shape possible for their nuptials. But once life returns to normal, it’s likely these brides will gain the weight back.

While this doesn’t mean that Kate has an eating disorder, it does suggest that those who do look up to her. She is being heralded as a “success story” on these websites.

The Herald Sun reports that “she’ll be horrified that she is on these sites. Yes, she has lost weight but that’s largely down to the stress she has been under and all the travelling she has done recently.”

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