Thursday, September 2, 2010

Healthy is the new Skinny

Facebook invitations, group suggestions, events, etc typically get ignored (sorry!)...BUT Healthy is the new Skinny was definitely up my alley! The following excerpts and photo are from their fb page:

"What is Healthy is the New Skinny? This is not about a size. It’s about a movement.Healthy is the New Skinny is about revolutionizing the values of the fashion industry. It’s about putting happiness and vibrant good health first and foremost. Generations of young women have assessed their own worth by how far they are from the ideal of unrealistic thinness...

Healthy is the New Skinny is partnering with acclaimed designer Jessica Svoboda, whose breakthrough denim styles for straight and “plus size” figures are catching attention across the country...

What can you do?1. Buy a Healthy is the New Skinny t-shirt. All proceeds will go towards Jessica Svoboda’s show. If you want to see a healthy revolution in fashion wear a t-shirt -- and be our spokesmodel! 2. Tell friends and family to join us on Facebook and follow our progress. New York Fashion Week won’t let designers know if they’ve been chosen until two weeks before. As the remark about elephants makes clear, there are powerful figures in the industry who don’t want to see models like ours on the runways. The more excitement we can build about Healthy is the New Skinny and Jessica’s line, the more pressure we can bring to bear on the industry to open Fashion Week to our vision.3. Embrace the Healthy is the New Skinny message. In our hearts, we know that this is the direction the fashion industry needs to go. This is about liberation, this is about self-acceptance, this is about celebrating happiness and health. You know it’s the right thing."

I've ordered mine, have you?!

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